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Kim Leonard and her team at made my decision to self-publish my book one of the most stress-free choices… ever.

Mitch Abblett, Ph.D.
Harvard University,
Cambridge, MA

Thank you for your ever-present support, quality work, and professionalism.

David Lazaroff
Expressionist Press,
Boulder, CO

Kim, you ROCK! Thank you! The book is beautiful, and I've loved every minute of working with you.

Michele Spry
SPRY Publishing,
Columbia, MO


Thanks for the brilliant work. Everything is perfect. It's a reflection of your excellent book cover designs and your 'hand-holding' service that I am back—the 3rd time.

Mushtaq Jaafri
Mushtaq Publishing,
San Dimas, CA

How To Become A Client

We are very different from all other publishing services and design companies. We focus on total market solution publishing for our clients that maximizes profits per book. For most clients, we handle the entire value chain of publishing activities required for successful publishing.  Our clients always own the full rights to their books, ebooks and intellectual property, while we manage most or all of the process for our clients.

We are very selective about the clients we take on. This is the case for several reasons. First, we seek to work with clients on larger projects, working with them for results over time. While we are well-equipped to handle smaller components of publishing services, we usually only accept clients who have a vision to change the world in some significant way; for us, that requires time and involvement with the client. We find we do our best work for clients—and they get the best results—when we focus on taking their projects from scratch all the way through to a full-market solution. This includes packaging of the books and enhanced ebooks, to full distribution and marketing. Second, because we work with our clients over time, often on multiple books, we choose who we work with carefully on projects we know we a connection to—and advancing in strength to create an engaging, refreshing and enlightening experience for our clients.

We work best with professional clients who have a big vision and understand their own need to work with talented professionals as we help them develop their titles, marketing, and in many other very creative ways.

Reach out to us at 800-449-4095 X702 to schedule a discussion about your book. As an experienced publisher, we know you are familiar with the seasonality and timing issues inherent in the book and ebook trade. In keeping, we appreciate your most professional anticipation of these issues as we advance our discussions together.