Your Book, Enhanced eBook, Published Web Content and Book Marketing Unites to Create a Profound Experience For Your Readership

Complimentary Book Packaging Kit

Your Book Cover Is The Persona Of Your Readers' Experience

Why is the cover design of every book such a special, celebratory and momentous moment in time? Why is cover design the first marketing challenge you face? Because this is the first and most important way people will receive visual information about the book, and more importantly, it will shape their impression of the author.  The cover is the persona of not only the book; the cover creates a tangible and lasting impression of the presence of the author.

As with all first and continuing impressions of authors and their books, a profound sense of bonding naturally occurs with the author when the book is just right. The cover creates the first intimate connection point with the special people we call readers, who are seeking a profound experience in some important way. We've learned that you only have one chance to captivate them. When you do, they will be forever yours. Your first impression in this business is truly a lasting one.

If you want to have the best possible experience as a lasting bestseller, whether in the entire book trade, or in your niche, vertical, or industry, then you must: demonstrate mastery of your subject; fully develop, perfect and polish your content with excellence; and, your cover design must deliver equally as masterfully. When your cover lives and breathes, people are moved emotionally to buy the book and ebook in droves.

With the right title, book cover and content, book marketing becomes easier, often effortless, and the book is then capable of taking on a life of its own.

If your book is accepted by our team, and you are accepted as our client, we will make sure that your book cover is absolutely outstanding.

Your Book Interior Is The Reading Experience

Do you realize the interior design of the book is the key to creating a positive, ongoing reader experience? Why? The interior of your book is the place, the physical environment in which the reader takes in the thoughts, ideas, stories, and/or concepts from the author.

Your interior is the backdrop upon which ideas come alive in the mind of the reader. If even the most subtle detail is missing or incongruent, the reader may turn off, back away from the experience, and may never know why.

Subtle design and content details are now more important than ever in creating a positive reader experience. The standard of excellent content, expert writing, and a positive look and feel is no longer enough. The design of your interior must create the ultimate visual stimulation to compete in all of the best versions--print, e-reader, ebook, enhanced ebook, online and portable environments alike. You must deliver the best experience for your readers or you will lose them and they may never come back.

Every Online Communication About Your Book Is More Important Than Ever Before

The web is the first place readers turn to learn about, judge, and critique the value of authors, their books, backgrounds, credentials, vitae and experience. If there is anything we try to instill in our authors, it is how vitally important it is to craft the best, most honest and trustworthy communications about the books they write, the experiences they have had and their basis for contributing something worthy and valuable to the book trade and the world we share.

Bringing together web content, video, text-content, ebooks and printed books, marketing, and distribution so that the end result is a successfully published book that is fully available to the world in every way is no small task. It requires a focused group of special people who are close at hand, with whom you work well, and with whom you are comfortable and capable of easily communicating with. It's less about service and business. It's more about people. Good people. Talented people who know how to get the results you want for you. That's why we have a small group of people, our best experts, who are dedicated to a small number of publishers—so they can focus not only on task completion for you, but to suggest the right things to do, and to really deliver the kind of results you desire with a broad array of online, ebook and printed publishing solutions.

The Future Of Enhanced eBooks Is A Reality Now

We can now allow your readers to experience video clips inside ebooks, with QR Codes that bring them to a web site on their smart phones, and read-aloud-ebooks in which the author reads childrens ebooks to them right on the device, to connections from ebooks into live app interactive experiences inside of enhanced ebooks, to interactive educational graphics that extend into deeper dimensions with full-color diagrams featuring multi-layered telescoping taking the reader deeper into biological structures, seemingly forever--all of which catapult the reader from the book or ebook to an exciting world of new experiences instantly.

There is often so many more exciting possibilities and capabilities than our clients realize at the outset of an enhanced ebook project. All of them will greatly enhance the experience of your readers while increasing the value of your ebook.

How To Become A Client

We are very different from all other publishing services companies and design companies. We focus on "total market solution publishing" for our clients, purely as a service company, to maximize your profits-per-book. Most often we handle the entire value chain of services for our clients. Our clients own the full rights to their books, ebooks and any other intellectual property, and we manage most or all of these processes, giving our clients a profitable publishing business with full reporting.

In keeping, we are very selective about the clients we take on. This is the case for several reasons. First, we seek to work with clients over a long period of time. While we are well-equipped to handle little bits and pieces of projects, we find it quite limiting and dissatisfying. We find we do our best work for clients—and they get the best results—when we focus on taking a book or books from scratch, all the way through to a full-market solution. This includes full packaging of the book and enhanced ebook to full distribution and marketing. Second, because we work with our clients over time, often on multiple books, we like to choose who we will be working with for the sheer enjoyment of the experience. While some people may think of our approach as overly optimistic, we continually aim for a shared experience with each client that is more like a continual celebration than work. Last, even though not every book will always become a bestseller, we enjoy helping our clients reach new levels of success as they get better at their craft with each book.

We work best with clients who have a big vision and understand their own need to work with talented people, as we help them develop a sustainable publishing business through their titles, back list development, and many other very creative ways.

We encourage sincere professional publishers, self-publishers and authors to contact us: Client Application

After you complete the Client Application, we will contact you to hold a discussion about your book and to discuss whether your book property is a good fit for our services. As an experienced publisher, we know you are familiar with the seasonality and timing issues inherent in the book and ebook trade. In keeping, we appreciate your most professional anticipation of these issues as we advance our discussions together.

Complimentary Book Packaging Kit

A great starting place for getting acquainted with us is our complimentary Book Packaging Kit, in which we freely share our most highly-guarded book design, packaging and book marketing trade secrets. Our Book Packaging Kit contains serious resources—and sometimes we have a waiting list to receive one while we are (constantly!) updating them. As you would imagine, we carefully hand-pick the candidate clients with whom we share this valuable resource. Candidate clients must have a compatible and broad vision for their book. Additionally, their book must have serious potential to help satisfy important, often complex problems. We are best suited to help professionals who require whole-market publishing and marketing solutions--such as taking their books from ideas to packaging them completely and bringing these books and enhanced ebooks to market and into full distribution. [For more, watch this video of client Joanie Schirm, explaining what we do best]

Inside the Book Packaging Kit, you will find interviews with New York Times bestselling clients. We have also included valuable exclusive recordings with our resident marketer, Allen D'Angelo M.S., conducting high-end book marketing consultations with successful self-publishers.

We've included seven surprises inside the Book Packaging Kit:

  • We will share our 16 Bestseller Book Cover Stimulators--visual elements and  design methods that ensure you tell a full and complete story of your book on the front cover and back of your book and ebook.
  • We have included an actual 72-page book proposal, as well as a 24-page book proposal that has been used to successfully sell books.
  • You will find our valuable 6-page Author Planning Guide for organizing author background and vitae information for use in stimulating your thinking about proven ways to promote your book.
  • We have included an actual 24-page blacked-out, in-use media plan, which has been successfully used by over 30 of our clients to generate media budgets with an average of six-million dollars.
  • Included is an 18 minute short course primer and  educational video on book and ebook pricing, distribution, and book marketing.
  • Last, you will receive detailed information about our publishing services.

If you would like to receive our Book Packaging Kit, you may apply here: Book Kit.  DISCLAIMER: We only allow publishers who fully qualify to receive our Book Packaging Kit to receive one, due to the value of the trade secrets we freely reveal. To qualify all you have to do is apply and meet our publishing services criteria as an author, expert, or publisher. This is also a great way to fully determine the marketability and potential of your book as we share our best reasoned advice with you about its potential.